About Me: Meryl Runion Rose

You can go cheap or go deep.

Persona projects an image. Personhood radiates you. Which will it be?

The SpeakStrong Method isn’t for everyone. Let me help you tap in to the power of being “youer than you” and to express your true self effectively.


Who am I and why listen to me?

I’m a woman committed to saying what I mean and meaning what I say and living authentically, collaboratively and in grace. I’m a life-long learner based on practice and experience. I’m a recovered passive and passive-aggressive who unlearned a lot of bad communication habits to free my original voice.


Think about your communication history as you read about mine. I learned sarcasm from my mom. I learned bottle-and-blow from my dad. I learned to rely on persona over being me from culture shock after a move in my early teens. That’s when I went under. I learned how costly silence could be from losing my husband to untreated cancer in my early thirties. 

What’s your version of this story?

I learned to say what I mean and mean what I say without being mean when I say it from years of study, but mostly practice. I’m talking swallow hard and put my foot in my mouth practice, because graceful assertiveness is like any other skill – you don’t master it by reading a book.It takes trial and error – it’s an iterative process.

I’m the Chief Iterative Officer at SpeakStrong INC. What the heck does that mean? I put my foot in my mouth so you don’t have to quite as much as I did. I’ve developed a method that works, and I practice and continue to practice communication kata.


I’m the author of ten books on effective communication that have sold over 350,000 copies worldwide. I am a professional speaker with over 1000 presentations under my belt to audiences like IBM, the IRS and the FBI (who found me to be a person of great interest. I found them to be pretty interesting too.)

Want to play?

If this interests you, check all this site out. I don’t do crisis coaching and I don’t focus on quick fixes or easy answers. I do love partnering with competent, caring professionals to allow the mystery of life to unfold and to communicate in ways that allow us to fully experience the beauty of the world and the success that comes from being who we are.

It’s an adventure and a journey and it can be challenging. However, it’s never boring. I’d love to be a part of your communication unfoldment.

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