The Grace

Do you say what you mean and mean what you say WITHOUT being mean when you say it?

Are your words weapons, or expressions of wisdom?

Sincerity is far more effective than brutal honesty. The SpeakStrong Method is gracefully effective.

 Weak words won’t serve you, just like a butter knife won’t cut your steak.

One friend spent and hour telling someone he was fired, only to have him tell her he would think about it. Too weak. I used to hint, and then get upset when my wishes were ignored. My grudge was passive-aggressive. I thought I was the victim when I was actually the villain. 

However, if your words are too strong, they will backfire.  A PowerPhrase is as strong as it needs to be and no stronger. If you’ve been saving up to speak up, your words may come across as way too strong for the specific situation.

Say what you mean and mean what you say without being mean when you say it. You can be direct and clear, and also kind.

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