About You: Is This Method a Fit?

Is The SpeakStrong Method for you?

Are you a creative, multi-dimensional professional? Are you more interested in personhood than persona? Are you a life-long learner? Are you curious and experimental? Do you strive to be to be professional, powerful and totally yourself?

The SpeakStrong Method isn’t for everyone but if you want to go deep insead of cheap then this is the place to be.


Many people who have read my PowerPhrases book think it’s all about phrases. PowerPhrases are an important tool in the SpeakStrong Method but they’re not the entire story – not even close.

If you’re looking for quick fixes, you’ll find a few here, but that’s not what the method is about. If you’re willing to go deep instead of cheap; if you want to drop your ego and enter into your higher nature and communicate from there; if you believe your unconscious can be smarter than you are; if living powerfully from your soul matters to you; if you relate to symbolism and imagery, this could be a great fit for you.


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