Put Your Inner Reptile in its Place

lizardPlease be going somewhere else!
Can you relate? My chiropractor does walk-in appointments only, so it can irk me when I see someone drive up just before I do. My inner reptile, lizard brain, feels threatened by the mere possibility that cars I see en-route just might be going where I am. I feel my anxiety rise.

I’m not the only one whose inner reptile talks to me on the road. My chiropractor told me about a couple of guys who got into some road-ragey antics en-route to his office. They didn’t realize that they were going to the same place as they flipped each other off. It was awkward in the waiting room.

Put your inner reptile in its’ place.
You never do know when you might encounter people your inner reptile has offended. It’s good to have a relationship with that part of your nature, but be careful about letting it communicate for you.

Listen to those impulses, relate to them, and decide how you do or do not want to express them. Yes, the walk-in system triggers my competitive nature. And my overall nature is to put my inner reptile in its place. It is my servant. I do not serve it. 

How about you?

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