Express Yourself Effectively: The Visionary in You

SpeakStrong Communication Quiz Results

Your Leading Communication Style Is…

Hats off! Celebrate! Your SpeakStrong Communication Style Quiz indicates that your leading style is…drum roll please…


Visionary: People-Oriented with a Swift Pace

Part 1 of The SpeakStrong Method helps you express your true self effectively by deepening your experience of your natures.
According to this quiz, your leading nature is Visionary. That doesn’t mean you always embody the traits listed below. It does mean these qualities influence you strongly.

Later in the training we look at other styles and how their qualities influence who you are and how you communicate. But now it’s time to…

Meet Your Visionary Self

floater icon nobckThe spirit of The Visionary in You soars to great heights. The Visionary is highly social and tends to be on the go.
Fun and adventure keep The Visionary in You vital and alive as does being the center of attention.
The Visionary in You looks toward the future, is full of ideas of possibilities and thrives on change and innovation. 


The Language of The Visionary in You

Visionary words inspire and persuade. They appeal to the imagination. 
The Visionary uses metaphor and imagery to tell stories that paint motivating pictures in peoples’ minds.
The Visionary likes phrases like: “What if?” And: “Imagine this!”
Unless listeners completely lack imagination, they see the vision too.
The Visionary doesn’t overload people with detail. Words tend to be general, colorful, and optimistic.
The Visionary in You likes to say Yes! to life.

Strengths and
Balances for The Visionary in You

There’s a lot to enjoy about The Visionary in You. You couldn’t ask for a more dynamic friend and team member.
Review the strengths on the left.

Of course there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. The center column has possible pitfalls of the style.
But the good news is – there are mottos and reminders to inspire balance.


Potential Foible

 Balance Mottos


 Tends to  overreach

 Less can be more


 Sometimes lacks discernment

 Courtship precedes marriage


 Can be unconnected with reality

 Head in skies, feet on ground

 Big thinking, global

 Often overlooks details

 Pixels matter


 Prone to neglect completions

 Stop starting, start finishing


 Can seem ungrounded

 Enthusiasm: curb it but don’t kill it


 Will lack focus and go on tangents

 One foot in front of the other


 Often fails to plan

 Well begun is half done


 Can lack common sense

 Intuit and verify


 Sometimes overcommits

 Space for Grace


 Can be impatient and sloppy

 Do it well instead of over

 Symbolic,  metaphorical

 Can confuse symbols with reality

 Seek facts behind the fanfare

A Personal, Confessional Illustration

  • The Visionary in Me inspired me to write way too much for this landing page. I remembered that “Less can be more.”
  • The Visionary in Me disclosed more symbolically in the initial draft than most readers would be ready for. I remembered to “court first.”
  • The Visionary in Me created a multi-dimensional draft that lacked focus. I remembered to “put one foot in front of the other.”

I balanced the Visionary in me to create a more focused landing page – and saved some of what I know for later.


How well did you relate to all of this? If you are high Visionary, you probably identified yourself in almost everything I wrote. If your inner Visionary is tempered by other styles, you probably recognized yourself in some aspects, but it didn’t seem like I was talking totally about you.

In part 1 of The SpeakStrong Method eCourse, you can see just how high or moderate your Inner Visionary is.

Next Step: The SpeakStrong Method,
Express Yourself Effectively eCourse
Part 1: Know Thyself: Self Knowledge for Effective Self Expression

The fourteen day eCourse: The SpeakStrong Method Part 1:

  • Walks you through the Know Thyself competency of The SpeakStrong Method.
  • Gives Self Knowledge for Effective Self Expression.
  • Builds a foundation for saying what you mean through style archetyping and self-knowledge.

If taking it is as transformational as preparing it has been, it will turn your world around – in a good way!

  • A SpeakStrong Method guide
  • An eCourse lesson each day for fourteen days
  • Action steps you can take as you go about your day
  • Printable SpeakStrong Style Quiz with graph and coding instructions
  • In-depth elucidation of the four main styles
  • Communication examples in the native voice of each style
  • Cartoons for each style
  • Ways to customize style-typing to your unique nature
  • Personal email spport
  • Certificate of completion

eCourse Agenda

Lesson 1: Excellence Through Wholeness: The Method
Lesson 2: Youer than You: Explore Your Full Spectrum and Meet Your Inner Archetypes
Lesson 3: Soar with the Expansiveness of Spirit: The Visionary in You
Lesson 4: Relate with the Connectedness of Soul: The Harmonizer in You
Lesson 5: Perceive with the Clarity of Mind: The Clarifier in You
Lesson 6: Succeed with the Power of Will: The Achiever in You
Lesson 7: Optimize the Visionary in You: Build on Strengths and Balance Weaknesses
Lesson 8: Optimize the Harmonizer in You: Build on Strengths and Balance Weaknesses
Lesson 9: Optimize the Clarifier in You: Build on Strengths and Balance Weaknesses
Lesson 10: Optimize the Achiever in You: Build on Strengths and Balance Weaknesses
Lesson 11: Uniquely You: Creative Archetyping
Lesson 12: Every Voice at the Table: A Foundation of Inner Wholeness
Lesson 13: Moving Forward: Summary, Action Steps and The SpeakStrong Book
Lesson 14: Closing Quiz: Assess and Certify

Learn more at:


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