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Introduction: Why PowerPhrases?

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Welcome to the introduction to Meryl Runion Rose’s Empowerment Skill a Week: SpeakStrong eLearning Intensive.

Certainties of life

You hear there are two certainties in life – death and taxes. So why do people act surprised by both? I know people who act surprised year after year when they realize they owe taxes. I also know people who act like death is some cosmic mistake. Both groups seem blindsided by predictable events. Why be blindsided when foresight can prepare you for the inevitable?

There are other certainties to prepare for in life. You can prepare for aggression, bullying, sarcasm and confusion. You can prepare for negotiation, networking, praise and sweet tender moments. You’ve faced these situations in the past, and you will face them in the future. You might as well be prepared when they happen.

People tell me they could have used the information from my book PowerPhrases! the week, month or year before. I tell them life will continue to present opportunities to use the information in the future. PowerPhrases help you prepare for the inevitabilities of life.

Scripting your way toward – inauthenticity…or authenticity?

PowerPhrases are the perfect words to say it right and get the result you want. Some people object to the idea of scripted communication. As a big fan of spontaneity, I understand why practiced wording is distasteful to some. Yet prepared PowerPhrases is not only useful and valid – it leads to greater authenticity. Why? Because when you don’t have the words to say things well, you probably say nothing. Even if you planned the words before you spoke them, if they communicate what’s on your mind and in your heart, they add to your authenticity.

The Six Secrets of PowerPhrases

PowerPhrases have six characteristic. They are:

• Short: A PowerPhrase is as long as it needs to be and no longer.
• Specific: A PowerPhrase is as concrete as it can be.
• Targeted: PowerPhrases have conscious purposes.
• Say what you mean: PowerPhrases communicate what you think, feel and want.
• Mean what you say: Protect the power of your words by backing your words up with action. If you don’t   mean it, don’t say it.
• Not mean when you say it: PowerPhrases are as strong as they need to be and no stronger.

The lessons of this eLearning will help you develop these qualities.

Common situations that call for PowerPhrases

What’s your Achilles heel? Your communication weak spot? These are the situations that you need to prepare PowerPhrases for. Do you have trouble saying no? Negotiating? Acknowledging when you’re wrong? Asking for what you want? Letting people know you love them? Accepting compliments? There are PowerPhrases for all of these situations. These situations are as predictable as death and taxes. The time to prepare is before you need to.


So welcome to the Empowerment Skill a Week: SpeakStrong eLearning Intensive. In the year to come, you’ll get ready for communication situations you’re likely to experience over the rest of your life. Real change happens bit by bit over time. This eLearning is designed to help you find the perfect words to say it right and get the results you want.

This week, find the situations you need PowerPhrases for. Register for the year long eLearning and get ready – you’re about to receive the tools you need for every situation you face.

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Keep on Speaking Strong.
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