Proof That You Need a Nap

sleep zzzz 250An excellent article in Scientifc American called “Why Your Brain Needs More Downtime” affirms the need for life and work balance, not just as a quality of life enhancer, but as a productivity enhancer.

I knew almost everything it says and I practice almost everything it says. Actually, I think most of us know that pushing ourselves limits productivity – or we would know it if we would pay attention.

It’s sad that we need “experts” to prove things that we could figure out through direct observation. But although I prefer first-hand knowledge, anything that gets us off overdrive is welcome. So thanks to the author, Ferris Jabr, for helping us break out of our self-destructive driven trances.

Okay, my work is done. Time for a nap. According to the experts, ten minutes is optimal.


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