The Native Talent of Joy

balloon icon 300hIn Yann Martel’s book Beatrice and Virgil, a music teacher tells his student:

  • The only native talent required to play music is joy.

While that overstates the power of joy in my estimate, I was thrilled to see it so clearly stated.

In my revisions of the communication style landing pages, I found myself blocked while writing The Achiever in You landing page. I was baffled about why – I have plenty of Achiever in Me. 

And then it hit me. The Achiever in Me was overreaching.

Writing these pages has literally been an ecstatic process for me much of the time. When the joy yields to effort and fatigue, it’s time to take a break, not soldier on. I had pushed too long, so I decided to break until I felt my spirit ready to return. In my break, I found plenty to say both to and about The Achiever in Us, which I recorded for when the spirit moved me.

What is hard without spirit can be easy with it. And while I think there must be more needed to play music or write a creative landing page than joy, it sure does lighten the process.

Where has The Achiever in You overreached?

Remember: “An ounce of inspiration is worth a pound of willpower.” Meryl Runion Rose. That was one of the gifts from my day of play yesterday.


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