Loving The Analyzer in Me

thank-youI bet you didn’t know this. The term “Analysis” comes from the root “ana”, which means “up”, and lyst or lysis, which means “loosen”. Analysis originally meant loosening up a problem or situation enough that it solves itself.

Ironic, huh?! Now we think of it as tightening. 

Okay, here comes a story. Sunday I went to a wake while my hubby paid bills. It ended with dancing and was incredibly powerful. I wanted to talk about the power of the experience. He wanted to talk about paying bills for two hours.

We were in different places, psychologically speaking.

But I woke up yesterday filled with gratitude for all the things I don’t have to do because my Analyzer hubby willingly does them. I got out the sticky notes and posted thank-yous all over the house. For example, I put a thank-you on the financial statements in appreciation for all the work he did transferring our accounts.

All in all there were about 20 sticky notes. He liked it when he started finding them. By the time he got to the tenth, he was moved. There are still a few here and there he hasn’t found.

The Analyzer may not embrace the dance in the same way I do, but he provides a foundation for it.

The SpeakStrong Method starts within. I’ve internalized a lot of my hubby’s habits, and they increasingly establish an orderly world I can dance, work and play in. My sticky notes spoke to my Inner Analyzer too. I’m loving the Analyzer I live with more and more, and The Analyzer in Me as well. Life is good, isn’t it?

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