It’s Not About Wanting Credit – It’s About Wanting to Share the Joy

party box confettiIt was one of those nightmare errors. Dad did something that changed how the mouse worked on his computer and we didn’t know what he had done or how to fix it. I called my son who told me some things I could do if I weren’t 2000 miles away. So, we rebooted when it happened instead.

Yesterday, it got wacky again. I suggested my father press down on the scroll wheel and see what happened. The mouse behaved normally again. 

Woo Hoo! What we thought might require a reboot now has a simple fix. A problem that had plagued us for months was handled easily.

I was ready to celebrate. Dad was ready to move on to the next problem without a word.

I told Bob about it, and he said it was too bad my dad didn’t show more appreciation for my help. But it isn’t about that. I think it’s too bad that he doesn’t have the habit of celebrating successes. Like so many of us, and me at times, he was on to the next thing without even a moment of joy.

That’s okay. I still feel really good about it. 



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