Death: The Ultimate Crap Detector

Bell 275Is it our age? Or the times? It seems every time we turn around these days, Bob and I discover another friend or acquaintance has little time left in this world.

Some resist, struggle and suffer, not just from the diseases but from their shock and fear.

Others let their diagnosis be their teacher. 

One recently sent out a notice filled with love, gratitude and awe. I wish I felt at liberty to share it in its entirety. I will share some highlights.

“Jane” began by referencing an experience she had in her 20’s of being an eternal spiritual being. Then she shared her news in the context of this being her opportunity to further explore what she started with that experience. She noted that she does not expect to be able to take the easy way out, and expressed willingness to face what lies ahead.

She then expressed her gratitude, both for the people who have been in her life and for the hospital she had just been released from.

She closed by sharing her plans and asking for blessings and prayers. 

What a gift she gave everyone she sent her notice to. 

Death is the ultimate crap detector. Some face news like Jane’s with ego. The dying process isn’t just about the body giving way – it’s also about the ego being stripped away. It took my late husband until the end to drop his ego reaction. It took many years after he died before I dropped mine.

Interestingly, the same morning I got the news of Jane’s advanced illness, I had wondered how I would respond to this kind of news if it was about me. I had imagined a response much like Jane gave expression to. I don’t know whether I will rise to her level of grace when my turn comes. I do know that Jane’s notice is a wake-up call and a gift and an inspiration. 

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