Excuse Me, Your Style is Showing…

Halloween 1I should have sold this house during the housing bubble in Florida, but I couldn’t do that to my renter. She’s too much fun!

Look at these pictures and guess what kind of dog she owns.

While you’re pondering, let me tell you, she lives at the end of a dead-end street. It’s not like she’s doing this for the world. She’s doing it for herself. 

What kind of dog does she own?

If you guess poodle, you’ve got it. 

Halloween 2 FloridaI believe she’s a Visionary style –  an over-the-top Visionary. I’m Visionary too – but I’m mellowing with age. This is way too much for me. But I love it that she does it and she loves it. By the way, she painted the house herself. Even bought the paint. There’s another reason I didn’t sell. 

Okay, Bev isn’t an inspiration to me on taste. But she is an inspiration to me on staying alive and enthusiastic. My enthusiasm is one quality of mine that I treasure. Sometimes it wanes and I know I need to dive deep in myself and do a course correction.

I could be wrong, but I get the distinct impression Bev doesn’t have that challenge.

May your style ooze out in it’s own way – a way that gives you pleasure and helps you be your most authentic self. Or shall I say Selves? You are multi-dimensional, after all. 


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