The 52 Empowerments Rock!

Cassia and I just got off the phone with Angela. We discovered how differently we all experience the same thing! They come at the Empowerments from very different angles.

Angela is a verbal processor. I knew that. I’ve always known that. I got it at a much deeper level today. 

Angela and I had two very inspiring conversations about the first Empowerment. Cassia wrote responses. Two different people, two different approaches. I called Angela with my doubts last night. She brought me into my center in two seconds with her embrace of the power of the Empowerments. Cassia sent me very specific and concrete feedback.

Cassia would start with the styles and communication history. Angela was surprised with how I started, but thought it was perfect. Like me, she got the message that her voice didn’t matter. Like me, she believed that lie. She felt her voice affirmed in the first Empowerment.

Me? Well, I really worked with the first Empowerment. My biggest surprise was realizing my tendency to be so serious about authentic voicing. I reveled in the idea that my authentic voice can be serious, can be fun, can be all kinds of things.

I’m looking forward to a rollicking good time.

I love my traveling companions. They’re so different from each other, and that is perfect.


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