How to Use Power Phrases by the Box

Easy-to-master techniques for more effective communications in all areas of life

How-to-Power-Phrases 300H

With this breakthrough guide, you’ll discover why effective communication is more than just a business tool. It is also the key to happier, healthier relationships, and greater personal fulfillment and business success.

In How to Use Power Phrases to Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say, & Get What You Want, I introduce you Power Phrases – short, focused expressions that let people be direct and to the point without seeming brusque or nasty.

In clear, down-to-earth language, illustrated with numerous vignettes and real-world examples, I show how to:

  • Say what needs to be said without fear of misinterpretation or creating negative emotional responses.
  • Master six basic methods for crafting power phrases for any setting and every social, professional, or interpersonal situation.

I love it! It’s immediately practical and useful. I learned how to respond to my critical boss, assertively address a backstabber, and most importantly, convey my anger and disappointment without blamin the other person. That lesson alone was worth way more than the price of the book. What a value! I’m using what I learned in this book every day. — Cindi Myers


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