An Achiever Hijack

linkedin.300Someone who invited me to connect on LinkedIn told me her Styles Class uses my communication style work. I accepted her invitation, and then sent her a message asking her about her class. I realized after I hit send that my message was all business. My inner Achiever ran that whole show. I emailed her again, and since her message indicated that she was familiar with the styles, I told her my inner Achiever had hit the send button before my inner Harmonizer could say, “Hi” and “Thanks for the invitation.” My Achiever message needed a little balance. 

It’s a trick to pause and ask how any message might need balance. It’s not always necessary – all business messages aren’t inherently bad and wrong. But it’s a good practice just to give it a moment – an instant – to see if the voice you’re using to communicate could use a bit of balance. 

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