SpeakStrong “Correctness”

QuickStartPackageI got an email today asking about the correct order to read my books. I replied,

“If you think there’s a ‘correct’ order, probably PowerPhrases. That’s more for those who want to be given answers. But if you like finding answers yourself, I recommend SpeakStrong. Takes longer and goes deeper. On the other hand, if you want a simple beginning, How to Use PowerPhrases is a light, experiential start.  Following my own nose always works best for me.”

I appreciate the question, and don’t intend for my response to diminish it. Sometimes there are good reasons to follow an intended order. It’s just that this question along with other recent events remind me of how different it is to work from the inside out, the way I do, and to work from the outside in. I don’t know if the questioner was looking for rules to read my books “correctly,” or input to guide her in making her own decision. If I were to ask that question, that’s what I’d be looking for. 

The second slide of my “SpeakStrong Method Overview” Video illustrates the distinction I’m making here. We need science to tell us the obvious because we’ve lost our confidence and ability to see for ourselves…which is essential to being able to speak for ourselves. This is a tragic loss. 

My work is about finding our own voices. Trusting our own experiences. Claiming what we know. It doesn’t exclude inquiries like this one – as research. If it did, who would need me at all? I want to be a resource for you. I don’t want to get in the way of your own brilliance. 

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