AUDIO: 12 Secrets to High Self Esteem

Powerful Tools to Build Self-Respect, Gain Confidence and Communicate Assertively

12secrets 300HIf you’d like to uncover exactly what you want in life and remove the obstacles that get in your way, this may be one of the most important audio sets in your library.

PowerPhrases! help you grow from the outside in. The 12 Secrets to High Self Esteem help you grow from the inside out. They help you uncover the true wishes in your heart. Just knowing isn’t enough; you’ve got to take action. 

Gain a new awareness of the inner obstacles you have allowed to get in the way of your success or happiness.

Linda gives you the tools and tactics you need to positively change the way you see yourself, present yourself, and allow others to treat you. The goals you set during this program will provide you with support to speak up and speak out.

Meryl Comments:

“Linda is a dynamic presenter who keeps her audiences on the edge of their seats. I was thrilled when she released this CD because she’s one of those speakers I want to listen to over and over. It’s a great listen, and she provides concrete practical tools. I offer the 12 Secrets to High Self-Esteem in the Speak Strong Library because self-esteem provides a foundation for powerful communication.

I know Linda personally, and she is one of the most dynamic and positive people you can meet. She walks her talk. Let her help you build a foundation for your own success. Linda Larsen shares her own personal experience in a compelling way. This CD is a gem. I refer to her extensively in PowerPhrases! because of how well she provides the foundation for Speaking Strong.”

Table of Contents

1. The Power of Self-Awareness
2. Accessing Your Internal Wisdom
3. Taking Responsibility for Yourself
4. Accepting Yourself and Letting Go of the Past
5. Managing Your Emotions
6. The Power of Visualization
7. Deciding Your Values – Creating A Mission Statement
8. Setting and Achieving Goals
9. Communicating With Confidence
10. Say the Magic Words
11. Getting Into Action
12. Celebrating Your Successes

Listen to learn
– while you’re driving, cleaning your house, or preparing your dinner – you could be investing your time in your most precious resource – yourself.

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