What Does That Look Like in the Real World?

foot massage  300(Note to subscribers – there were a few bugs in the site and an older post went out yesterday. Sorry about that! We’re hoping it’s corrected now.)

I met “Lily” before she went to massage school. She’s a new graduate. When I scheduled with her, I asked if she would be willing to come to my home. She lives closer to me than her office and I have a table, so all she needed to do was show up. She started talking about what they told her in massage school about charging for home visits.

I replied that I didn’t care as much about what they told her in massage school as what works for her and works for me. With everything being set-up already, if it was just as easy to come here, why charge more?

Lily agreed. This is our transaction. The school gives good advice based on experience and is worth listening to; however, every situation is different and to apply an external rule without considering the situation makes no sense.

I’m looking forward to my massage.

Rules are great. So are common sense and relationships. Where are you applying rules instead of relating?


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