Jung’s Useful Foil: Perfectly Imperfect

jung  mandala 300I’m reading Carl Jung’s last book, Man and His Symbols. Unlike my former habit, I am starting at the beginning, with the forward. I never used to read/experience books in their wholeness. Now I do. The forward is providing context.

This forward is by Coordinating Editor John Freeman. Jung insisted on Freeman being the editor. Freeman quickly found out he was chosen because Jung considered him to be an “average reader”.

I found this very exciting. Why? Because it shows the perfection of imperfection. Freeman was the perfect choice because he lacked expertise. He “spoke strong” throughout the process to make sure the authors explained things in simple, intelligible ways. 

Too often, we try to look like we get it when we don’t. Too often we try to cover up our struggles, confusion and judgments. Freeman helped Man and His Symbols be readable by not doing any of that. 

I love it when someone on my team goes “huh?” Well, I hate it first and love it second. I also love it when some on my team goes “wow.” I need that, too. But what I really need is the inside story of how my work is received. Jung had that with Freeman. Who do you have that with? Who do you give that to? Do you know that your doubts and confusions can be exactly what others need to hear at times? 



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