Whole-y-day Musing: Stay-cation Dissipation

sleep bed.300When Bob and I were thinking about doing our next retreat at home, something about getting the word “stay-cation” crystallized it for us. I was concerned that we might dliute our time off, being a 30-second commute to our offices, but having the word anchored the focus for us.

Another word has been very helpful in focusing our time. Bob was talking with our mentor Evan about how taking care of a problem in the evening forced him to pull himself together which “kept him from dissipating“. Somehow that struck him powerfully, and he honors the sacredness of relaxation time since.

Of course, the word holiday comes from holy day, and that also means whole-y day, which is what we use the time for. Renewing our wholeness with ourselves, our worlds and each other. 

I wish you wholeness.


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