Personal and Community Thanks

Star Purple 300Evan Hodkins helps me see the odd perfection in everything – even brokenness.

Mike Rother teaches me rigor and precision in creative discovery.

My elder parents have shown me how patience with limitations and the diminishments of aging fosters love.

Angela Thompson shows me the oak trees in my acorns.

Cassia Powell pulls me out of the ethers and plants me back on the ground.

Becky Lane models how powerful teaching and tools can be in conscious and capable hands.

Bob Rose gives me a foundation that allows me to soar to new heights. His greatness is revealed to me in new ways each day.

Linnea Lundeen – my newly rediscovered best friend from childhood gives me something I will post about later.

And you give me a reason to keep sharing my discoveries, my process and my insights. You give me community.

Thank you, every one. 


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