A Sweet Goodbye to 2013

Burning Bowl 3002013 was good to us – and we were good to it. We committed to developing space for grace, and we did. We comitted to increasing balance, and we did. We narrowly escaped fire in 2012 and floods in 2013, and we were changed for the better by the experiences. 

I’m going to a burnng bowl ceremony tonight – where we write what we want to let go of going in to 2014, and burn it. My letting go has changed. It’s not about abruptly ending a behavoir. It’s about giving myself the option not to do those things.

In 2014, I don’t have to wear clothes that are uncomfortable or keep the itchy labels on them. I don’t have to craft my words to impress anyone. I don’t have to remake Bob or anyone into my own image. I don’t have to keep working when my spirit cries out for movement and play. I don’t have to be as random and approximate in how I do things. I don’t have to follow every creative impulse. I don’t have to be understood. I don’t have to be able to explain what I know in order to trust it. I don’t have to share budding thoughts before they take root. I don’t have to hide my heart behind cold objectivity.

All wonderful things not to have to do. I have a whole year to practice choosing not to. Tomorrow I will tell you my theme for next year. Lean2Life and Space for Grace were fabulous guiding lights in 2013. 2014 will have its own lights. 



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