A Warm Hello to 2014: Dare, Care, Focus and Flow

Sun 300I had planned to share my 2014 theme today, but I woke up feeling my inner radiance shining big time.

The writing I’m doing now is centering me in a way I’ve never experienced before. I find myself able to be powerfully enriched, but not defined by people, ideas and experiences. I’m also rediscovering my Inner Visionary – part of my nature that has both fueled my passion and gotten me into trouble by motivating me to overreach. It feels like I can flow and be free again without losing my center, my focus, my heart and my resolve. Yay!

My 2014 theme is still perfect for me, but my exuberance inspired me to post a 2014 greeting that speaks more to the wholeness of SpeakStrong. So here you go.


May you:
dare to be strong,
care to be kind,
focus to be clear, and
flow to be free.

Most of all:
To thine whole self be true 


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