SpeakStrong When You’re Sick

Headache lCassia Here!

There is  a “culture” of being sick.  It’s an expectation that you should have certain symptoms, look and act a certain way before you get to replenish yourself.  And that means you go to bed, because it’s that bad. Forget that! There really isn’t a proper expectation on what people (you) should do when sick. 

Why lay in bed all day, whimpering, coughing and sniffling, if really, you should be doing something that enlivens your spirit?  Enjoy a good laugh, have a great conversation, do something fun but relaxing. 

Just because you don’t have the energy to do something dull and draining doesn’t mean you can’t do anything at all.

Let’s work on changing that perspective.  Wouldn’t it be great if society would embrace a “healing” culture more than a “sick” culture?

 Now, excuse me while I go heal.


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