Dance with the Archetypes – If You Dare

Kids Dance 300My revision of my communication style types is taking much longer than I anticipated. I expected it to go quickly because I’ve been teaching the information for years. It’s taking longer because I’m not looking at the communication styles from an objective, academic perspective. I’m living each of them and speaking from its voice. I’m dancing with each Archetype as I write. 

For example, to describe the Visionary style, I embody the Visionary. If I’ve been working with plans and details and facts and focus that are the domain of other styles, it requires a significant toggle to shift into a whole different style of viewing the world.

For example, I might write on the Visionary lesson and later come to realize I was coming from the Clarifier mindset. I see what was invisible to me at the time – instead of being playful in my writing, I list playfulness as a quality. 

The night before last I had an emotional melt-down and a hissy-fit in the wee hours of the morning. I experienced it as new energies wanting to be lived, not just described. I trust those eruptions and end up stronger once they settle. 

I had planned to launch my SpeakStrong Method Made Easy eCourse next week, but it’s not going to be ready. It’s really true – some things can’t be rushed. It’s also true, good things are worth waiting for. 


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