Peyton Manning’s True Heroism

Peyton Manning 300The Denver Broncos’ quarterback Peyton Manning recently broke all kinds of records. It was fun to hear the sportscasters gush over him like he’s superhuman. In some ways, I think he IS superhuman – not for the records he has broken, but for his ability to maintain humility and balance despite being seriously competitive and incredibly successful. 

In a recent game, Manning went up to the Houston Texan’s player JJ Watt and said:

  • You got me good on that last one.

JJ Watt responded by asking, 

  • I didn’t hurt you, did I bro?

Manning was fine – he just wanted to communicate his respect for Watt’s skill and speed. Way to SpeakStrong!

So often, seriously competitive people are too consumed by their own power drives to show that kind of grace. So often, people see that kind of acknowledgement as weak. It takes a big man (or woman) to succeed. It takes a bigger one not to let it go to their head. 


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