Why Colorado is in for a Baby Boom Next Fall

Stork Baby 300I predict an upsurge of births in Colorado in nine months. Why? Not because marijuana is legal here now, but because the Broncos won the playoffs and are going to the Superbowl. Seriously – there’s a connection between teams winning and birthrates.

Bob and I aren’t making any new Roses, but he is a much happier man due to the win. Judging from my dreams last night where I joyfully celebrated the win with John Elway for several hours, the experience enlivened me, too. 

This might be the first football game I’ve ever watched from start to finish. I marveled at how embodied and viscerally engaged the players were. I delighted in the spirited victory dances after great plays (that look a lot like my own dance community expressing their joy.) I imagined being in such a high-stakes, intense game. They play to win, and in the process, they can lose it all suddenly.

It was sweet to see Broncos’ quarterback Peyton Manning in a shower of confetti, looking peacefully contented over the win. It was touching to see Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady looking like he wanted to evade interviews and have a good cry. It was exciting to see Broncos’ VP John Elway looking marvelously exuberant.

My work is far less intense. I don’t have a stadium of people watching what I do. I’m not on national TV with commentators evaluating every move. I’m unlikely to suffer a debilitating injury from one false move. But still I relate to these amazing athletes putting everything they have on the line for something that matters deeply to them. 

Bob and I won’t be turning the Bronco win into a bundle of joy arriving next fall. But the inspiration from watching other people live their excellence inspires me to live mine more fully.

How about you? How can you live your excellence more fully? What might you be giving birth to?



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