A Proper Good-bye

Phone Hand Hangup 300He greeted me by apologizing for getting off the phone so abruptly in our last conversation. (It had been clear he wanted to get off quickly, but I hadn’t taken offense.) Our conversation shifted to our appreciation of “proper goodbyes.” 

The conversation then went to Elizabeth Kubler Ross’ emphasis of the importance of being aware of and attentive to small good-byes when losing loved ones. I understand that one. Some of us get to say a proper good-bye at the final moment. Some of us don’t. Kubler Ross noted and valued the little good-byes that lead up to the last moments in the dying process. It’s important that they don’t go unnoticed.

Phone calls, life cycles, even with blog posts, conscious endings are always a good idea.

Have you noticed the line we recently added to the blog posts? In some ways, you can think of them as proper good-byes. Before we added that element, it was difficult to see where one post ended and another started. 

Practice patterns – like proper goodbyes – with the small stuff and you’ll have them available for the big situations. 


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