I am not your prisoner, nor will I be your jailer

elephant jail.300Things change in relationships. We can go along feeling fine about everything. Minor irritating habits don’t bother us at all, we accommodate each other willingly, and life is good. 

And then we outgrow ourselves. The relationship outgrows itself. We can tell by the little things we do – like in the old song “You’ve lost that loving feeling.” We can also tell by checking out the roles we feel ourselves playing. Parent/child roles. Investigator/accused roles. Villain/victim roles.  All signals that it may be time to have a conversation about an elephant in the living room.

Or we may simply need to reaffirm our center (centrovert) instead of playing supporting actor in someone else’s drama.

For example, when I feel constrained in a relationship, it helps me to remind myself “I am not his prisoner, nor will I be his jailer.” 

Of course, to flip that forward the statement is:

  • We are ready to be more distinctly and elegantly ourselves in relationship to each other. 

Feels good to me!


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