A little too lean

Stomach ache 300When my Lean2Life year of sorting, straightening, maintenance and creating productive and nourishing routines came to an end, I wasn’t anywhere close to complete. But I celebrated the plethora of positive changes I had made over the year. One area I noted that hadn’t been untangled was my digestion. Not only had I not solved my life-long digestive issues, they were getting worse. I used to be able to avoid digestive upsets by avoiding carbs, but that wasn’t working anymore. I never knew what might trigger indigestion. 

The big wake-up call came when I stepped on the scale. I was 106 pounds. I should be 130. By most measures, I’m very healthy, but the scale emphasized what I already was coming to recognize – it was time to make health my first priority.

It has been quite a journey of discovery. The first stage was figuring out what triggered me, and building gut flora. Then I discovered I have SIBO – Small Intestine Bacterial overgrowth, so healing that was added to my agenda. Then I learned that I am very sensitive to food combining, so I’ve been learning about and experimenting with that. Next, we started taking my blood sugar and confirmed that I have reactive hypoglycemia – low blood sugar. Why did I have so much energy much of the time? Compensatory cortisol. Not a good thing. 

I am blessed to be able to give the healing process the time it needs. Learning what works, preparing special meals (six a day – all cooked), exploring new foods: it is very time-consuming. It’s also rewarding. There are bumps on the road – days of low energy and other seeming set-backs. But I am feeling wonderfully nourished. I am gaining a bit of weight. My blood sugar is stabilizing. The routine gets easier as it becomes more familiar.

It also gets easier as I get my joy and clarity back. I noticed today that I was able to read my book right after rising. In the recent past, my vision was fuzzy in the morning. I’m wondering if maybe – just maybe – after I’ve been at this for a few months, I just might be able to dial a phone number correctly the first time. It actually could happen. I’m so used to the brain fog of sugar alcohols generated in the gut, that I don’t know what life will be without them.  

Some people will say they don’t have time to do what I’m doing. That may be true. Yet in the long run, there is no question in my mind that going through this process is the most efficient thing I could do. I am committed to healing this malaise at the root. It was hard – my SpeakStrong writing was flowing magically. I had invested a lot in Cassia, my assistant, and I encouraged her to find other work, knowing when I’m ready for her help again, she likely will bee too busy. It was tough to let that go for now. But when I return to focus on that, I trust it will still be there and I will be more present with it than ever. 

For now, if it’s a question of returning a phone call or taking a hike, I’ll take the hike. If it’s a question of a fun all-day outing or doing my routine, I’ll do my routine. When I need a nap, I take a nap. I believe I have my priorities straight. If you’re someone I’ve been slow to respond to, I assure you, I will get back to you. I thank you for your patience. Good things are worth taking the time and giving the deep focus to make happen. This is a very good thing.

Thanks for listening! Now I hear my celery soup beckon. I will answer that call. 


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