Closet alchemy, food alchemy and honoring who you are

Color wheel 300“You’re an electric,” the consultant concluded, handing me a palate of color swatches. “Take this with you when you shop.” It had been a toss up between pastel and electric, and I agreed with and was pleased by the outcome. I liked all the colors on my wheel.

That was over 25 years ago, and knowing what colors flatter me has been useful over these years. But I never did apply it in an absolute sense. I still bought clothes in the “bold,” “earth” and “pastel” color family. The electrics were the ones I found myself reaching for most often.

Recently, I got a hankering to take everything that isn’t electric out of my closet. What would happen, I wondered? I was surprised by what a difference it made. I experienced “closet alchemy.” 

Metaphorically, it was like clothes jumped off their hangers to be with other items they like. Items that seemed bland were suddenly brought to life by their association with other items that bring out the best in them. Simple scarves transform ordinary into extraordinary. Everything in my closet now sings harmony with everything else. It became immediately clear what basics I lack, despite having more clothes than anyone could need. Looking in my closet brings me joy now. And suddenly it is easier to give up on items I was trying to make work. It is time they found their home with those who are nurtured by them. 

Closet 300Interesting that all this happened while I’ve been discovering what foods work for me, and how they like to combine. My tummy is happy that I’ve taken the time to sort my foods, and when I look in the mirror, I’m happy that I took the time to sort my clothes.

Both were made possible by discovering underlying themes of who I am and what nourishes me. I will never go shopping without my color wheel again. It’s simply a matter of honoring who I am – and expressing my true self effectively. 


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