Expediency isn’t always so efficient

driving nurse 300I could have dialed it in, but the conversation felt important enough for me to drive into town and meet face-to-face. I’m glad I did. Instead of a 15-minute quick check, my medicine woman (health adviser) gave me an hour that offered some pretty key insights. When she had told me to have a protein snack before bed, she didn’t mean for me to have a piece of chicken alone. “No one can digest animal protein by itself. There’s not enough fiber,” she told me.

I changed my pre-bed snack to a cup of veggie soup, and the night time stomach challenges disappeared along with the sleep issues.  Yesterday I felt so good I wanted to cry. I feel great today, too. 

It would have saved me over an hour of driving time to call. We might have uncovered the issue had I done that, but we might not have. I think by taking the less “efficient” route to communicate face-to-face, I invested over an hour to save several hours of nocturnal misery. And since the quality of sleep and digestion affects everything, it’s a key reason why I’m smiling today.

Of course there’s more to this personal health journey of discovery than that one piece of advice, but it was a critical piece that was worth the drive to discover. 


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