True to You

Eve 300Shopping at Eve’s Revolution Boutique is always a sweet experience. It’s not about the surprise deals or the fact that I seldom leave my house without wearing something from her store. It’s more that being there is like visiting a beautiful friend with a distinctive style that celebrates beauty. Eve is a skilled marketer – I respect that. More than that, everything in the store reflects who she is. 

Recently she invited me to bring clothes and accessories in for consignment. I was hesitant because she is so selective that I can bring a car full of items and only consign a few. Also, she is only accepting spring items these days, and I was still focusing on my winter wardrobe. I decided to set an appointment anyway.

So I sorted and sifted and cleaned and pressed and prepared, and brought in three armloads and two boxes of items for her to peruse. Surely she would want something out of all that.

She didn’t.

Eve was highly apologetic, and I assured her I had come prepared for that outcome. I had an appointment with Kristin at another shop in an hour.

Kristin wanted 65 items. 

Then I went to Rene’s store. She took another twenty items.

I returned to my car with a sense of release. It felt like a ton of dead weight had been removed from me. I could function – and take my wardrobe management to the next level of me-ness. Goodwill got the benefit of the rest of the items.

Eve could have taken one item just as a gesture of goodwill. I’m glad she didn’t. Eve is a role model for me of someone who is impeccably true to who she is. Her shop is such a delight because she knows who she is. I’ve watched her style develop since she opened 13 years ago, and she remains completely true to her evolving style. Her style is so clear and pure that anything that isn’t a match sticks out like a blue suit and red tie at an Apple convention. I think of Eve as I weed my closet to reflect who I am more completely. I’m not at her level of impeccability, but I’m headed in that direction.

I love Kristin and Renee and enjoy shopping in their stores as well. What’s different is I sift through a variety of styles at their stores. It’s not like scavenging at Goodwill, but it’s not as distinctive as the Eve experience.

My question for you is, what is the you-experience? Is it clear to others who you are and what they can count on with you? Do you take everything that is offered you, or are you so clear about who you are and what you do that anything that isn’t a fit is immediately obvious?

I continue to strive for Eve’s level of me-ness in my own life, and hope my phrases and missives help you be true to you, too. Eve is impeccably herself and that’s the ticket to her success. Being impeccably you is the ticket to your success. 


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