Extreme Healing? Or Essential?

Earth hand healing 300My friend and subscriber Becky acknowledged me for taking the time to do “extreme healing.” 

I liked the word. But it didn’t seem like the perfect fit. Happily, Becky is one of those people who also loves words and isn’t offended if I search for a better match.

I told her what I’m doing only seems extreme in a Band-Aid culture. In fact, the healing I’m doing seems more like essential healing.

A friend told me about someone she knew who worked in depth to heal his digestion. He discovered what I’m discovering – the effects are far reaching. His comment was, “Six months might sound like a lot, but in light of the benefits, it’s no time at all.”

I’ve healed a lot of maladies in my life. Last year I healed trigger thumb. The PT told me if it didn’t heal in two weeks, I should see a surgeon. My right hand took three months to heal. My left took nine. My friend who got surgery regretted it.

I consider my root cause approach essential. Surgery sounded extreme to me.

Thanks to Becky for working with the words with me.


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