My Closet Comes “Out of the Closet”

closet 300“I want my closet to look like yours!” Sharon exclaimed. Those are words I never expected to hear from anyone. My closets were a source of shame. Not anymore.

“There’s breathing room! It flows!” Angela exclaimed. Angela was particularly excited because she was there when I stared my Lean2Life adventure. Now she made specific observations about how the items in my closet flow/transition from one item to the next.

The first post I ever did about the need to de-clutter and organize my home according to lean principles was titled “our house if full.” Even a Christmas card felt like an imposition because there was no place to put it where it added to the overall flow of our home.

Things are different now. Last week my friend Sherry sold and emptied her second home and that meant lots of great gifts for me. I came home with a car full of goodies from clothes in my colors to brass lamps to teas. Even an ironing board.

None of it became clutter. It all found its place because there is Space for Grace – which means there is room to receive. 

I love my closet. I love having everything where I can see it. I love just looking at it. I love getting dressed in the morning.

Like any good “stream-leaning” process, “completing” the set-up is only the beginning. Living with the system will lead to all kinds of adaptations. I’ll see what I actually wear, what doesn’t work like I thought and what I might still need. I’ll weed and pair and play with it until I die, most likely.

But now my closet is ready to “come out of the closet.” No way I would have posted pictures of the “before” version. This closet reflects both who I am and who I aspire to be. Nice, huh!

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