When Business and Personal Colide: A PowerPhrase

PowerPhrase 300Some say you should never mix business and personal. It’s a good rule if your friendships are superficial and you need to walk around issues. It makes no sense if your friendships are deeply supportive, the business relationship is mutually beneficial, and the communication is good. That’s my experience, anyway.

I’ve had business relationships that have been great matches but weren’t matches for frienships. I’ve had friendships that were great matches but didn’t work for business. In both cases, we tried to expand our relationships and backed off.

I’ve also had and have business relationships with some of my dearest friends, and friendships with some of my most treasured professionals. In both cases, we needed to SpeakStrong at times to keep things fluid and fresh.

Rob had the same experience with a client/friend. Despite his more than fair invoices, Rob’s friend would wince every time he got the bill. After too many occasions of this, Rob told him:

  • If I have to choose between a business and personal relationship with you, I’d prefer to have you as a friend and lose you as a client. I’d rather do that than hear you b&#%! about the bill, because it hurts my heart. But I’d rather keep you as a friend ans a client.

The message was received as intended.  


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