What Looks Like Death to Some Feels Like Life to Me

Tea chicken feetMy theme song this week is “Feeling Alive Again” by Goldfrapp. Her makeup looks like death to me, but the song is life.

Wednesday I bought chicken feet for my soup broth. I also got some very strange looking (and bitter tasting) herbs from my acupuncturist. When she told me she had a bag of herbs for me, I pictured a one-inch square tea bag, not a lunch sack filled with unrecognizable bark and roots. 

Both looked a bit like death, but are very life-giving.

I AM feeling alive again. Yay! I don’t care what my herbs look like, or taste like, and I’ll cook up chicken feet every day if that’s what it takes to jump-start spring in my heart, body and soul. I am grateful. 


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