“Never Show Weakness” Was a Trap

achilles heel 300She loves the men in her life. Dealing with them is simple. They taught her to never show weakness. She owes much of her success to their guidance and modeling.

So why is she showing weakness now? Why is she unable to stop the tears? Why is she feeling vulnerable? What is happening to her?

Her tenderness and her weakness are intertwined. By never showing weakness, she slams the door on her tenderness. Now that tenderness wants to emerge. She is finding her heart and what it means to care.

She is stunned to discover that if she loses the people and the animals she loves, it will hurt. She didn’t used to feel vulnerable to loss. Now she does.

And the men who taught her to never show weakness are falling off their pedestals. She is discovering the price of her adulation of them. It feels disloyal to be her own person, but her tears are telling her she can’t go back.

She has outgrown her motto to never show weakness. She can’t go back. And despite the struggle, she doesn’t want to. 

Her tears are telling her it’s time to be tender. Perhaps she will become a model of tenderness for the men in her life that are prisoners of their credo to never show weakness. Perhaps she isn’t just setting her own heart free.


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