Email Inbox Mastery

Inbox 300My email address has been out there for a very long time, so I get a lot of spam. It went over the top a few months ago – the spam filters just weren’t catching enough and I was buried.

So I found a solution that took my inbox from push to pull. It took me from being buried by bunk to being the master of my inbox. Here’s what I did.

I set my mail rules to send everything that wasn’t white-listed to my junk folder. I checked (and still check) my junk folder throughout the day and whilelist what is legitimate. I also set rules to send my subscriptions to designated folders. 

Day by day, more and more of my legitimate mail ends up in my inbox. I still need to check the junk folder regularly, but find it much easier to pull a few legit emails into my inbox than it had been to push or delete the volumes of spam out of it. 

I still have to sort through the junk, but it’s so much faster than it was to delete them out of my inbox. Plus now I am the master of my inbox. It has stayed manageable since I started this practice. It’s the difference between push and pull. I feel much freer processing email than before. Yay! One more Lean improvement that helps my whole day flow more smoothly.


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