The Need to Be Seen Can Make Us Invisible

cheerleadermaster 300Seth Godin wrote:

“A recent article outlines how NFL cheerleaders are paid less than minimum wage, disrespected and treated quite poorly. So why do they put up with this lousy behavior?”

His answer is, the need to be seen

The article makes it clear that the women are molded into a predetermined image. I think it’s so much that they really aren’t seen at all.   

I sometimes find that my visibility from my book PowerPhrases keeps me from being seen for who I am now. For example, people often see me as a Power Babe which I’m not in any usual sense. They speak to their image of me, and there is no room for them to see the actual me. 


This morning I shared something that excites me with Bob. He totally got it. It excited him, too. We both saw it, and we saw each other. There is no comparison of being seen for who we were or for a static image of ourselves, and being seen for real. 

Where do you feel really seen?


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