The Intuitive Faces Facts

Food TrackingI shared my astonishment yesterday over my discovery of how much protein I was eating. My discovery thrilled me. When I shared my insight with Bob, his comment was: “Don’t be so hard on yourself.” Hard on myself? I’m beside myself with joy and you think I’m being hard on myself? I may have discovered a major key to help me be healthier than I’ve ever been, and you think I’m beating myself up? Huh?

One of my readers made a similar comment about yesterday’s post. I read her words and again, thought, huh?

My perception wasn’t closely aligned with reality. Acknowledging that isn’t being hard on myself. My intuition serves me well in most things, and in this area, it’s time to get a better sense of facts.


I bit the bullet yesterday and tracked my meals. My target for protein was 50 grams. I limited my protein consumption considerably, and still ended up at 60 grams. What would it have totaled if I had just eaten what had become a normal amount of protein for me? How much had I been eating?

I don’t know, and I don’t plan to eat more heavily to see. I feel much lighter today. The noble experiment continues, but early indications are that I really did find a key contributor to a challenge I’ve been wrestling with for years.

I’m facing facts. I don’t intend to track my meals for long. I plan to track long enough to get a clear sense of what balance is for me. I plan to track long enough to establish a new habit – which I suspect will only take a few days, because what I’m learning is shifting everything. 

My main style is and will remain intuitive. That trait has served me well in many ways throughout my life. So does coming down from the rafters at times, and taking a clear look at the facts/numbers/data to align my sense of things with reality.

Facing facts can be uncomfortable. Not facing facts can be much worse. I feel great today.

Where could you face facts and deal more closely with reality? Or, if your style isn’t intuitive, where could a little swing from the rafters give you perspective and joy? What is balance for you?


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