The Cat Came Back

Bob Cindi 300How was your summer solstice? Ours was dramatic. I sum ours up with the chorus to Better Days. “So take these words and sing out loud. Cause everyone’s forgiven now. Cause tonight’s the night the world begins again.

Saturday morning – why wasn’t Cindi, the cat, howling to get let up and adored as she always does? I went down to invite her up for our morning ritual. Instead of bounding up the stairs, she laid down on the floor and meowed in a voice I have never heard from her. As the morning progressed, she continued to fade. 

Bob elected himself to take her to the vet. I would have gone, too, but a dear friend was in town, and she was meeting me at dance with her grand kids. I left, wondering if I would ever see Cindi Cat again. 

It was fabulous to see my friend. Dancing with the little ones brought out the full force of my play nature. It was so fun. My heart was filled with love and gratitude for the frolic. It was like the pure experience of life. Instead of concern or sorrow for Cindi, I felt gratitude for the eighteen years of having such a wonderful cat. Of course, I hoped for more, but was prepared for this to be the end of that story.

Saturday afternoon – By the time Bob saw the vet, Cindi’s blood sugar was 39. She was hanging on to life. He left her there. She was responsive, and we were able to bring her home Saturday afternoon. 

Sunday morning – The sound of Cindi’s howl never sounded so sweet. The cat came back. She actually ran up the stairs and pranced around for her morning adoration longer than usual. We called it Bonus Day #1.

Cindi settled on my bed as I cleaned and danced to music on my MP3 player. The song Better Days came on with the chorus. “Tonight’s the night the world begins again.” My heart swelled with gratitude.  

I went in the kitchen and turned on Pandora Radio. Better Days came on there, too. “Tonight’s the night the world begins again.” It felt auspicious. I bounded in to tell Bob about it. Joyful tears spilled over. I had considered waiting until my emotional flood had subsided, but opted to share it with him. He joined me in celebration. Okay, he didn’t leap in the air like I did, but he was moved, too. 

Monday morning – the cat bounded up the stairs again. Bonus Day #2. Kudos for the animal clinic for calling to check on Cindi.

The cat came back. We weren’t sure she would. We were prepared for her not to. But she did. 

That was our summer solstice. How was yours?


Enjoy the video. See if it awakens your sense of renewal, too. And, yes, I watched it through to the end. Unlike a previous video, there are no dark surprises in this one.

Here’s the link if the embed doesn’t work for you.


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