“Older Ladies” Video Sparks Thought

Are you an “older lady?” Will you ever be one? Do you know one? This video is hilarious and well-done – and it breaks the cultural trance around aging. Enjoy it and read on. (Click here if you’re reading it on a feed and the video isn’t showing up – or visit speakstrong.com/blog.) 

Ages and stages
I shared the video on Facebook, and my friend Sherry commented that is sounds like a song I could have written. I replied:

“Thanks! There was a day I would have written and produced that. Now I’m content to let others go to the trouble and to enjoy their creative results.”

Once upon a time, I felt a need to follow all my creative impulses. Now, I’m still cleaning up the messes from years of overreach. In the process, I’m enjoying the ability to envision greatness and enjoy creative impulses without having to act on each one. 

I love this video. I love the way it declares the perfection of a stage in life that we often disparage. I also love how creatively it is produced. Still, Sherry’s comment got me thinking – what’s different now? What’s different is that I am increasingly choosing to live who I am and what I know more than publicly declaring it through creativity. (I might post about it, however.)

The inner and outer dance
There’s nothing wrong and much right with doing what these ladies do here. It’s wonderful! Someday I might do something like it again myself. Today I will enjoy my simple life. I received my new Rubbermaid Easy Find Lid Storage Container Set and am inwardly singing and dancing over how they will solve my storage container quagmire and simplify my organizational efforts. Outwardly, I’m snapping all the lids together and clearing out my Tupperware from 30 years ago. That’s a dance my hubby relates to. He shares my excitement. Fun!




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