Stir the Ashes, Find the Embers

ashes embers 400Where’s the energy? Sometimes you need to stir the ashes to see where the embers are.

When I was at my lowest point, the only flicker of energy I felt was for something not so noble – shopping for clothes. Well – at least it was energy. I now have clothes that fit and I didn’t do too much damage.

My dance gives me energy. It didn’t energize Bob. Oh – wait – every now and then a song would inspire some movement in him. We created our own playlist of songs he used to dance to. That playlist stirred the ashes and we found embers. The energy hit a 10. 

One night I woke at 2 AM in an indiscriminate rage. The energy was at a 10. The enjoyment level was a different scale, but my mood had energy. I needed all the energy I could get. That didn’t mean that I should act on my impulse. It did mean I wasn’t completely without energy in that challenging time.

A friend recently visited her very dysfunctional family. She had a lot of energy in reaction to their convoluted behaviors. Probably about an 8. She also put a lot of energy into fighting her own judgment. That cancelled her energy out and she was probably left at about a 4.

Try separating energy from its quality and just observe the energy. You might be investing your energy in destructive ways like fighting your own judgment. But what if you could harness and apply that energy? That’s a later step – but today, I invite you to stir the ashes and see where the embers are for you. Where are your 10s?

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