Waldo Has a Plot Twist


“Plot twist. Waldo finds himself.”

Few people do.

Have you ever tried to “find” someone who hasn’t found themselves? It’s like playing “Where’s Waldo.”

My childhood best friend found herself. Five strokes and years in assisted-living did that for her. Her life required her to be still. The experience made her wise. Probably one of the wisest and most contented people I know.

My life required me to become still in a different way. Keeping my focus mainly on excellence in concrete, daily, normal living has been, and is, transformational. 

I’m told I’m pretty easy to “find” these days. Not a lot of searching, guessing, interpreting, wondering required to find me. Little need to track me through distractions, diversions, excessive complexity and incomprehensible tangents. I don’t hint when I need to be direct anymore. It’s all right there. I’m right there. Or it’s getting there, anyway. I’m still in the process.

That’s my plot twist. What’s yours?


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