I Have No Idea What I Mean – Do You?

Recorder Digital NB“Email Kris about accounting.”

What the heck does that mean? 

I’m referring to a memo from me to me on my digital recorder. Kris is my sister, and we have no accounting questions. 

Oh, wait. I have another Kris in my life. She does a thing called Stretch Therapy and I had asked her to send me an accounting of how many sessions we have had and how many remain. That was a week ago, and she hasn’t sent it, so I want to remind her. THAT’S what my memo is talking about. 


Okay, if I have to struggle to figure out my OWN messages, what is it like for others to get a clue what the heck I’m referring to? 

It’s good practice for me to leave memos to myself that I don’t have to decipher. It’s a start, anyway. Obviously, it’s a bigger challenge for someone else who never knew what I intended when I left the memo. 


As an aside, soften your focus and look at the image on the left. Doesn’t it look like a face – kind of a perplexed emoticon? The message at the top is the brain, the buttons below are eyes, the circle is a nose and the bottom buttons make a mouth. 

Did I explain that image clearly? Do you see it?


Now I’d better email Kris about accounting – or re-record my memo to self with more details. 



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