What Are We Going to Do When We Hit the Land Mines?

You prepare for the bad times in the good times. That means when you’re making good money, you save some for when you aren’t. Among a lot of other things.

In SpeakStrong terms, it means you talk about how you’re going to handle land mines before you hit them. Not IF you hit land mines, but WHEN. Any relationship that is dynamic and alive will hit land mines. Will you overlook them? Will you ignore them? Will you put on a happy face? Or do you agree that at times, the best way out is through? What might that look like? 

If someone refuses to have that discussion upfront, you might reconsider letting them deeply into your life. When things are smooth, it’s hard to imagine they won’t always be. When they aren’t, it helps to know that you have agreements that you are all in – that you won’t play games, retaliate, go silent, etc. and that you will… what?… you tell me.

How do YOU handle it when you hit the land mines in the relationships that matter?

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