Solving Problems is Easy When You…

Round Style Graph 300I once had a dream that concluded that “solving problems is easy when you work at the right level.” That’s all I remember from the dream, but just that much was powerful for me. One of the reasons I like the communication styles so much is that communication is much easier if you speak at the right level – or in the best style for your listener and the situation.

I had a great time writing a review for the book The Compassionate Geek. I particularity enjoyed mentioning: “Like it or not, IT issues can be emotional triggers.” Too many techies see their job simply as a mechanical one. The best techies understand that developing their soft skills is part of the job. You can’t solve a relationship problem at a technical level any more than you can solve a technical problem at a relationship level.

We’re all a bit like the man with a hammer who sees the world as a nail. My main style is Visionary: I like to express the expansive nature of my spirit. I’ve had to balance that with my inner Harmonizer, and express the relational nature of my heart and soul. I’ve had to balance that with my inner Analyzer, and express the logical nature of my mind. I’ve had to balance that with my inner Achiever, and assert the primal nature of my will.

If you take the quiz, please know it’s a work in progress. There hasn’t been much outer progress as I’ve been developing my weaker side by making friends with concrete reality. But the seeds are planted and sprouting. I see style work as powerful and transformative. It’s so powerful that I had to stop talking about it and narrow my focus to living it. The outcome will be worth the wait. 

Yesterday I wrote about elevating words. They are golden when elevation is called for. So are clarifying words, harmonizing words and grounding, motivating words.

Solving problems is easy when you work at the right level. That’s what my dream told me. The dream is just the beginning. I’ve been exploring that message in spirit, soul, mind and concrete reality. 

Where have you been attempting to solve a problem at the wrong level?



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