PowerPhrase Segue: In Other Realms…

Bob shared a vibrant description of his experience after someone had said some potentially inflamatory things to him. Bob said, “I saw potential negative emotions swirling around me like dementors (Harry Potter reference), but they didn’t have anywhere to land. I wasn’t detached – I was serene.” He went on to mention how he could see exactly where the other person was coming from. 

What a fabulous image. In terms of the styles, I would say his inner Harmonizer and his inner Visionary were working together to language his experience. 

Then Bob switched topics. We’ve learned that when we make a big switch in topics like that, some kind of segue is helpful. We both like the phrase: “In other news.” 

However, because his new topic was very mundane, concrete and practical, we opted for:

  • In other realms…

It’s a great segue for those of us who have a clear delineation of styles/realms. You might want to stick to: 

  • In other news

or some other segue for those not in the “know.”

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