Michael, one of my sister’s in-laws, spoke at Christmas dinner about how he still thinks of things he plans to tell his late wife, and then remembers she’s gone. This is seven years after she passed.

I mentioned that to Dad and Sis last night, since we lost Mom a little over a week ago. Both of them have those moments of forgetting she’s gone when they think of something they want to tell her.

One of Sis’ kids played brilliantly at a basketball game yesterday, and she used to call Mom on the way home after games like that. She almost dialed the phone before she remembered Mom is gone.

I watch for ways to support Dad and Sis, and that means listening for clues about ways to fill holes. I can’t get as excited about the wins as Grandma/Mom did, and I won’t fake it. But I can listen and appreciate Sis’ pleasure in my own way.

I will. 

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